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There are many benefits to certifying your project with Built Green:

UNLOCK INCENTIVES - Many municipalities and utilities offer incentives for certifying through Built Green. Learn more about your options, which range from cash rebates to expedited permitting.

QUALITY ASSURANCE - All Built Green certifications require third-party verification. Verifiers are a great resource and verification provides an additional level of project scrutiny. Certification means more people have inspected and approved the project.

PROVEN SAVINGS - The standards required by Built Green certification mean that a project is saving resources, water, energy, and, in turn, money! Who doesn’t appreciate lower utility bills?

MARKETING ADVANTAGE - With certification in hand, you can list your project as “green” on the Multiple Listing Service. The certification is proof that this project goes above and beyond. Be sure to convey the project’s environmental and cost savings in your marketing materials!

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION - The vast majority of people who live in a Built Green home have said they are “happy” or “very happy” with their home.

Certification Process

Join Built Green

Become a part of the local green building community and enjoy member benefits, including the ability to certify. Sign up.

Enroll Project

Let Built Green know you’re working on a project. When you enroll, the project will receive a project ID number, which is required by some jurisdictions for incentives. Enroll your project now.

Hire Verifier

Approved third-party verifiers will help you navigate certification requirements, bolster credibility, and assist with models and testing. See the list of verifiers.

With your verifier
Track green features

Document green strategies and features on the Built Green checklist. Download checklists.

With your verifier
Save pertinent documentation

Back up your checklist claims with receipts, product specs, and an energy model. Your third-party verifier will help you with what you need.

With your verifier
Photograph pertinent items

Built Green pays attention to not only the final product, but to the construction process as well. Verifiers will visit the project along the way to document this.

Sign checklist

Your signature indicates that the project, to the best of your knowledge, includes everything claimed on the checklist.

Verifier submits certification packet

Your verifier will compile all of the necessary materials for Built Green’s review.

Built Green reviews documentation

Built Green then affirms everything in the packet is in order and that claimed action items have documentation proving they were taken. Expect about two weeks for project review.

Certificate awarded

Share this certificate with real estate agents and/or residents! It proves the project is indeed green.

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Third-Party Verifiers

Katherine Morgan
Katherine Morgan ArchEcology Katherine specializes in helping multifamily projects design and build to achieve their goals. 206.717.2269 archecology.com
Katherine Morgan
Eric Boyd Arcxis Eric is a HERS & PHIUS Rater that focuses on production home building. 651.200.3429 arcxis.com
Tom Balderston
Tom Balderston Balderston Associates Tom specializes in building science and green building consultation. 206.715.6865 balderstonassociates.com
Jon Kawaguchi
Jon Kawaguchi Balderston Associates HERS Rater providing single and multi-family green building services. 206.539.1536 balderstonassociates.com
Telman Gasanov
Telman Gasanov B.E.E. Consulting, LLC Telman specializes in multifamily and commercial green building consulting. 425.672.3900 bee-engineers.com
Cybil Tribie
Cybil Tribie BEE Consulting Providing green building consulting services and support through the process. 305.793.2946 bee-engineers.com
Elizabeth Coe
Elizabeth Coe Ecoe Company Elizabeth is a certified HERS Rater and Sustainable Building Advisor. 360.731.8309 ecoecompany.com
Cybil Tribie
Miguel Rodriguez HBA of Tri-Cities HERS Rater and ENERGY STAR verifier covering Eastern WA. 509.735.2745 hbatc.com
Chris Edlin
Chris Edlin O'Brien 360 206.621.8626 obrien360.com
Alistair Jackson
Alistair Jackson O'Brien 360 206.621.8626 obrien360.com
Stefanie Young
Stefanie Young Delta E Consulting LEED AP BD+C, WELL AP, Built Green Verifier, LEED for Homes Green Rater, BREEAM Assessor. 206.660.4513 DELTAECONSULTING.COM
Brent H Webb
Brent Webb Swiftsure Energy Brent specializes in energy rating, green building consulting, and education. 206.705.0131 swiftsureenergy.com
Kent Mitchell
Kent Mitchell Swiftsure Energy Services Helping builders meet their performance and green building goals easier. 360.624.5523 swiftsureenergy.com
Michael Laurie
Michael Laurie Watershed LLC Michael has decades of experience carrying out energy and water efficiency projects. 206.406.7153 watershedllc.net
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